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  Your I-Grafix Enterprise email account is fast, ultra-reliable and secure. It's POP3 configured and advertising-free . It offers unique you@yourdomain.com personalization. It allows you to send and receive email using popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express.
  Whichever plan you choose, you'll enjoy these powerful essentials:
  • "Phishing" fraud protection. Powerful technology spots email that's not from whom it claims to be before it hits your inbox.
  • Spam filtering. This smart technology identifies spam before it can become a nuisance. And you can train it to learn and defeat new spam techniques as you go.
  • Virus protection. Keeps your computer safe from the malicious viruses that lurk in innocent-looking emails.
  • And much more! See the sidebar (right) for a complete listing.
  Choose the plan that's right for you!
   Complete Plan
Deluxe Plan
Premium Plan
1 Email Address
5 Email Address
100 Email Address
25MB Total Storage
1000MB Total Storage
2000MB Total Storage
RM 100.00
RM 200.00
RM 300.00
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