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  About I-Grafix
  I-Grafix Enterprise was established on 1st June, 2005. We endeavor to provide different network services, including Web Hosting, Web Design, Co-location, Dedicated Server and e-Commerce, etc.
  Malaysia Office Address
  I-Grafix Enterprise
  712, Lorong Desa Makmur 11/4, Taman Desa Makmur 3, 09600 Lunas Kedah.
  Server Facilties
  Our server facilities include Dual Intel Xeon 3.0G 64bit Server and 4G Ram, connected to HKIX and other international Datacenters. All of our services are quality-guaranteed and offered at reasonable prices.
  Datacenter Facilties
  - Constant climate control with down flow air type ventilation.
- Complete FM200 fire precaution system strengthens fire resistance capability.
- High physical security system and access control.
- Back-up and disaster recovery systems.
- Firewalls and consultancy for unparalleled network security.
- Extremely high capacity traffic exchange ATM backbone for clients in our IDC.
- Free local Internet exchange using DDS, ATM and Ethernet connections.
- Virtual private environment to match commercial requirements.
- 24-hour monitoring and surveillance for supreme reliability.
- 24x7 technical support and help desk.
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